Happy new week loves. The festive season is finally upon us and it’s really beginning to feel like Christmas in London with all the street decorations.

Well, as for me, I literally just got round to putting up my Christmas tree, see how I decorated my tree with my son HERE.

The season is truly about gift-giving and I thought its fair to start with myself. That sounds a little selfish, I know but I have made it a habit over the last few years to get myself a gift every Xmas. I have been on a ban over shopping for quite some time, I thought it was the perfect excuse to lift that ban. 

If you know me well, you will know that I am obsessed with buying new shoes. I also enjoy growing my sneakers collection and I occasionally include some heels too.

It was love at first size when I set my eyes on these shoes on Instagram. I quickly dashed to the pretty little things website to place my orders. Since I signed up for the next day’s delivery, I knew I didn’t have to wait for long to meet these gorgeous mules.

I originally the pink one, then realized there was a nude shade as well and I quickly went from just 1 item to 2 items in my basket.

A few minutes later I found another orange mule while looking around and here we are. I absolutely love these shoes and can’t wait to wear them. I will be sharing a post soon showing how I style them, so stay tuned.

What’s your favorite fashion item to shop for? If you are also a shoe lover like me, please leave me a comment below, share your favorite site to shop for shoes.


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