Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I hope you guys are doing well. Today I wanted to share with you guys a few of my favourite red lipsticks. I do have a wider range of red lipsticks but I tend to gravitate towards these ones a lot.

I remember many years ago when I started wearing makeup, the only lip colour I would feel comfortable wearing was red because I liked how it pops on my skin tone. Back then the only makeup brand that really catered for women of colour was Mac so it was my go-to store to shop.

Then I met ruby woo and it was love at first sight, I was convinced I would never wear any other red lipstick aside that. Fast forward to over a decade after, with so many new beauty brands launching almost every month or even week, the options are endless. I do have lots of red lipsticks from so many other makeup brands but the ones I tend to naturally gravitate towards are these four.

The first one, of course, is ruby woo from Mac, unfortunately, I didn’t get to swatch this as I lost mine but I love how flattering it feels and the lipstick shade looks good on most skin tone, I must say the formular is matte which gives a drier texture, so It’s really important to prep your lips properly before applying it to avoid any flaking. The blue undertone makes it suitable for all, especially women of colour.

Since the launch of the Fenty beauty stunna lip paint, I have not stopped using this one, It has a more runny consistency but quickly dries down to matte finish which I love as it gives more control to define the precision you want. I also love the fact that it is weightless and it doesn’t budge even when you eat, the applicator also helps to define and perfect application.

My next one is the Giorgio Armani Beauty’s  Lip Maestro in shade 505 – Eccentrico. The liquid lipstick has a velvety texture with a matte finish. The formula is a little thicker and the pigment is very intense so a little does go a long way and the colour is so vibrant, which makes it stand out and gives you the extra pop. I do not usually line my lips when wearing liquid lipsticks most of the time so I love lipsticks that come with a good applicator, which you get with this lipstick.

The final one is the Huda beauty liquid matte lipstick, although I find this one a little drying compared to the others. It is also very pigmented and has a silky formula. It dries down very quickly once applied and It doesn’t smudge or transfer which is a plus.

These products have been mentioned in no particular order. 

The one thing all these lipsticks have in common is that they are all long-wearing and they do last a very long time. I find myself wearing them a lot when am going to a party as I want a product that won’t budge when I eat to avoid reapplying.

Bear in mind, all these lipstick/lip glosses can be drying so it’s really important to moisturise your lips generously before applying and you would also need an oil-based makeup remover to take these off. 


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