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Teddy Coat: Every Wardrobe needs to know about

When you decide you walk around with your duvet

Hey guys, How you all doing? Can you already tell how much I am feeling myself in this coat. Well if you are that girl that likes to wear her summer clothing in autumn/winter then this coat is for you. I just love how snuggly it makes me feel in this cold weather. Last season I had my eyes on this big teddy coat and I never got round to getting one, I was sure I didn’t want to splurge on this piece. Come this season, every brand and their dog made their version of this coat and I couldn’t help but to add one to my shopping basket especially when I was only paying 30pounds for this. When you girl found out Primark had their own version of this coat, I made my way to the store and bagged myself one. I decided not to go for brown one which is the more popular colour, because I have been loving this shade of pink and it goes with a few items in my wardrobe already. It is no surprise I paired it with an all-white outfit, you guys already know I love an all-white attire.

Let a comment below on  how you guys would style this?



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