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Stop Self-Sabotaging and Just Do It

A good friend of mine once said to me, If you truly like something and are passionate about it then you will always find time for it no matter how busy you are. Its funny how many excuses I have had to make about doing things in the past, most recently being my ideal criteria for starting my blog, like I need a camera, I need this and I need that. The list was never ending and just  grew longer every time I manage to tick off an item from my checklist.

Now that’s what I call self-sabotaging, when you constantly create problems that interferes with your long standing goals. “There are so many ways you can self-sabotage but some of the common ones are procrastination and  perfectionism”. There is no such thing as a perfect time when it comes to things like this. Its always better to start and learn as you go; that’s the best way to learn anything. You just do it, make your mistakes, reflect on the process and then think about what you can do differently to improve it as well as incorporate any feedback and iterate the cycle.

Focus on why you should do something instead of justifying why you can’t do this or that; and just watch the growth. Time is your most valuable resource because it’s finite and non-renewable. Don’t use planning as an excuse to start, this doesn’t mean you don’t plan but some plan becomes obsolete barely after you finish writing so you can start off with an initial plan (non-intensive) and strategy, then adapt as you evolve. “Staring is the most important and challenging part when starting off with most things”.

Stop sabotaging yourself or the chance of meeting a goal is gone before you even begin. I am using this as an avenue to also motivate myself to keep going. I hope this helps. XO

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