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My top tips on how I stay motivated

Hey guys, How was your weekend? Christmas is finally few days away and before you know it’s the new year. What’s your new year resolution guys? I decided to share some of my top tips on how I stay motivated knowing a lot of people have a long list of new year resolutions. But its funny how people kick the year off with the new energy and few weeks or even months down the line, it slows down again. We all know how hard it is to stay motivated and focused all year round irrespective of whether you a student, full time mum, worker, entrepreneur. But how do we stay lifted to keep going even during days when we don’t have that same energy.

This tips have been my saving grace on days when I feel like quitting or just feel like nothing is working.

  1. Reading Inspirational Book – Guys I can’t tell you how reading has helped me a lot especially since I have been committed to reading at least a book every month. I enjoy reading inspiration books by successful people because it really helps me understand other people’s journey and believe more in myself. I believe we all have the capability to be successful, we just need to dream big, set goals, focus on the goals and trust in the process.
  2. Listen to my favorite songs – On days when am feeling very gloomy and lazy, I just hit play on my playlist and its funny how I begin to transition into a different mood after a while. Listening to music really helps me calm down especially when am feeling anxious. It helps me stay energized when I need to get things done.
  3. Show Gratitude – It’s so easy for us humans to focus on things that aren’t working and we tend to ignore everything else that worked well for us. Whenever I am not feeling motivated. I take a moment to reflect on my journey and how much I have been able to accomplish. I also celebrate every little success as a way to encourage me to push to do more.
  4. Never compare yourself with someone else – Don’t get caught up in any rat race. If you constantly getting distracted by everything going on around you or social media etc. then you might end up comparing your chapter one to another person’s chapter five. You should always bear in mind we all have our different journey and the aim is to focus on working on yourself and your goals.

How do you guys stay motivated? Leave a comment below to share tips on how you stay motivated.



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