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Happy New Year – What’s New in 2020

Happy New Year’s guys, I hope you guys had an amazing Christmas and New Year celebration. As for me, I originally planned to hibernate through it, but with my loved ones visiting, I was quick to join in on the excitement.  

I am not a big believer in New Year’s resolution, however, I do feel every new day, week, month or even a new year is an opportunity for me to improve myself, re-attempt on failed endeavour and redefine my goals.  

So on that note, I tend to reflect a lot on what I did the previous year, I tend not to only focus on things I couldn’t achieve, but also celebrate every progress made towards my goal.

Working on your goals should be a marathon, not a sprint, and as long as you are taking a step towards it, you can crawl if you have to but just make sure you are continuously moving, as these baby steps end up adding up. In the last few days, I have been working on my vision for 2020, I know I am a little late on this as I tend to do it at the end of the preceding year.

Growing up I was a big dreamer and wanted to be a whole lot of things, which included becoming a lawyer. I was quite the chatterbox,  but there is one thing that has repeatedly shown up on my list of desired job/career and that’s becoming a full-time entrepreneur. I knew I wanted to work for myself eventually, I have always dreamed of something ground-breaking, I must say my fearless ambition has always served me well but often time, I tend to go into an analysis paralysis phase. I sometimes see myself as a perfectionist as I like my things done in a certain way. However, over the last few years, I quickly realized perfection is an illusion. So nowadays I tend to focus more on the DOING phase and not just thinking alone.

One of my goals for 2020 is to start my own business, this is an idea I have nursed for a few years now and it’s finally kicking off. I am so excited about this but unfortunately, I can’t disclose this yet but I will fill you guys in soon. I feel like the stars are aligning in my favour as everything I envision seems to be kicking off fairly well and it’s only a few days into the New Year.

I do have other goals I intend working towards this year and I will be sharing my vision board with you guys very soon.

For anyone that needs to hear this, it’s ok if things didn’t go as planned last year, it’s absolutely fine if you didn’t meet all your goals last year, The grace of crossing over into the new year means an opportunity to do it all over again and if you don’t define goals then I think you should start doing that as it helps you envision, plan and commit to things you want to achieve within a set timelines.

Remember your goals have to serve a purpose. I wish you guys a prosperous year ahead.

What are your goals for 2020? What are your thoughts on creating a vision board for your goals?

Comment down below as I would like to hear from you guys. Until next time… peace.

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