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My name is Missy, a UK based style, beauty and lifestyle blogger.  I am an IT Consultant, devoted wife and a proud mother to a three-year-old gorgeous boy. A little introduction about me, my passion, and how my blog and Youtube Channel came about …I work full time as an IT consultant in the financial sector, the IT industry is male-dominated as you probably already know so I work mostly with men and don’t get a chance to chit-chat about nail polishes and coloring my hair whilst at work. I’ve always had a thing for all things beauty, fashion, fitness and anything to do with maintaining a good lifestyle. For so many years I had compromised on taking care of myself, keeping up with current fashion + beauty trends, being stylish generally.

I was so stuck in my career and motherhood, I lost myself to it, In the pursuit of finding myself, I realized how much my self-confidence had dropped over the years and this inspired me to fall in love with myself all over again and start paying attention to ME. I started my blog to share my journey to this self-discovery and inspire other busy professional/mothers(whose in a similar situation) in a more thorough and purposeful way. And of course, enjoy chit-chatting about my style as well as connect with other people with similar passion.

I intend to share with you my personal look-book of style, beauty, food, wellness and anything I can think of as we go. I hope you enjoy my content. Do feel free to be a part of my little space if my style and blog resonates with you

Do feel free to be a part of my little space if my style and blog resonates with you. If you have any questions be sure to ask. Lets connect on social media

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