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A NEW CHAPTER: Transitioning into the “DOING” phase….

Are you a victim of Analysis Paralysis? Do you find yourself sometimes procrastinating and overthinking when making a big decision??
Well this has been my state for the last two years with my blogging career, I can’t believe its the last month of the year 2018. This year happened to be my biggest breaking point in terms of shifting my focus on over analysing every single situation/task before embarking on it to a more JUST DO approach.

What do I mean by that? Two years ago, I managed to convince myself to prusue my passion for blogging in the fashion and beauty space after five years of nursing the idea. Its insane to think everytime i try to talk myself out of this idea, I constantly feel incomplete and i end up getting ever more drawn to it. It constantly feels like something i might end up regretting if I don’t do it, I couldn’t help following the blog/vlog world and i even watched some upcoming bloggers grow rapidly in the space.

I always wish i had the nerve to just do it without giving myself all the excuses about time constraint(motherhood, family, career and the list goes on), getting my equipment, learning the tools and techniques first etc.
I know I might be sound like a broken record now as i said this before, but what’s different this time is that I adopted a different approach to satisfy my crave for perfection.
I had to plan on how to realistically juggle my passion for blogging with my already busy life, so I thought I will share some tips on how i prepared myself for this phase.

1.) Feel the fear and still do it – The first thing I did was to get rid of my fear and assumption. you can’t give in to FEAR as that’s what leads us to overthink in the first place. How did I do this? Well I simply started listening to podcast and reading books to inspire and motivate me. I stumbled across this particular book by Susan Jeffer title Feel the fear and do it anyways. hence my title haha. This is an amazing book and i promise you i haven’t even finished but I found it so motivating. I read a number of other books as well which I will be reviewing in a different blog.
2.) Planning is Key – I think its safe to say despite knowing how good posting everyday can help my blog grow, it is equally imporatant to plan on how to realistically manage my already busy schedule. I listed everything that needs doing and had to make some key decision on e.g posting frequency, shoot days, content schedule, tools to help automate some task and worked my way down to a more refined detail
3.) Maintaining an Editiorial Calender – As part of my planning exercise, I had to turn to my good old excel spreedsheet to plan my content in advance to make my life easier. I had to play with this alot until i came up with the version I was quite happy with, once you get a handle of this then you just need to edit to prepare your next monthly/weekly plan, whatever you prefer.
4.) Roadmap for progression – Since I had to come to term with the phrase “No such thing as perfection”. I decided to start where I am and focus on continuously developing as I go. It was important to create a roadmap with milestone in order for me to track my progress. I can be overwhelming how much tools you need to learn to get started such as recording, editing your pictures and videos. So this step was important for me so I can allocate time accordingly and ofcourse manage my budget for any resources or tools required. Bear in mind, I do intend to treat this like a career.

I can go on and on but I will just stop here, if you guys enjoy reading this post, then am happy to create a part II for this. The key takeaway from this is despite beinga perfectionist, sometimes you just have to EMBRACE MEDIOCRITY to get doing.

I hope this post inspires some that also tends to overthink before doing anything. Its a learning curve and am really proud of where I am today.

I will be interested in knowing how you deal with procrastination? Comment down below to share your view.

Misguided Jumpsuit — goo.gl/H1Vxyq
PLT heels  — goo.gl/zHE7gc
Bag — TK Maxx
Sunglasses — Fendi (Old)




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