Mango Croc Detail Metal Handle Backpack

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Mango croc detail backpack

Mango Croc Detail Metal Handle Backpack

I don’t know about anyone else, one of the best ways i unwind in the evening after a long day is to browse the internet, Often times i end up window shopping online to keep abreast of what’s new in my favorite stores as well as to find inspirations and ofcourse keep an eye out for a good bargain. It’s crazy I sometimes do this, go online with absolute no intentions of buying anything and then i end up with an overflowing shopping basket whilst lusting on the lovely things the internet has to offer.

Mango croc detail back packSince becoming a mum, I find it much easier to just shop online rather than visiting the store, i sometimes even end up ordering more than one size of a particular outfit when am not sure about the fitting and send the other back.

Anyways couple of weeks ago, I was doing exactly this, casually browsing on happens to be my favorite online store), scrolling through endless clothing categories, and this bag caught my attention.  I have been wanting a backpack for some time, well I already have other basic ones i picked up from the store, but I just wanted one that looked a little bit different and unique, given that I wasn’t going to be splurging on a designer piece. And this sweetheart got my attention straight away.

Mango croc detail back pack

For quite some time now, I haven’t needed to carry a handbag to work. I take quite a lot of essentials with me every day, from my work laptop, packed lunch and my writing journal, so using a backpack to work seem like a reasonable choice, I then invested in a nice big backpack and never looked back.

So I needed one a little extra for the weekend which is both stylish and practical, it’s just easier to throw behind me and safe for getting around especially when I have to run after my toddler pretty much everywhere or carry stuff.

Mango croc detail back pack

I love this backpack for a few reasons; first the faux-leather and the croc-effect finish was definitely a win-win for me.  It’s got a gold tone metal detail on the straps and the handle, which makes it look even more attractive. If you don’t know already I am sucker for items with gold details, it complements the black so well and I can tell already this is going to be my favorite and go-to backpack. The bag is however smaller than your regular backpack so I’m interested to see how much I can fit in and whether it’ll work for my daily essentials. I may update you on this to show you how much stuff I am able to fit in it.

Mango croc detail back pack

At just £39, so far I’m thrilled with this piece. I know I’ll get loads of use out of it and i find it super sylish.

Who else enjoys browsing the internet to unwind? Let me know your thoughts.



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