Strips and embroidery

Blue Embrodery Stripe shirt

Hi guys, hope you all are having a nice weekend. So last week I wrote a post announcing my youtube channel which was due to go live with my first video today. Well unfortunately I had my first attempt on recording a look-book and it wasn’t a fail as such but some parts got accidentally deleted which makes the video incomplete for publishing.Blue Embrodery Stripe shirtSo that brings me to what I will be spending my day doing today. I will be re-shooting the deleted part of video today and hopefully edit and publish it before the end of the week. The things happen right.

Blue Embrodery Stripe shirt

Something as little as that can be a turn off for someone just starting out, giving the amount of effort you have given to it but hey I have to constantly remind myself why I started.

Blue Embrodery Stripe shirtSo on to the outfit, If I could only wear one colour all summer long then that colour has got to be white. I absolutely love wearing white when the sun is out, its one of my favourite summer essential. I paired this beautifully fitted jeans from topshop with a blue stripped shirt and off white sneakers. I love the embroidery touch added to these two.

Blue Embrodery Stripe shirt

I like the simplicity of the style and whilst i wanted to incorporate the embroidery trend in my wardrobe, I didn’t want to go too crazy with it so i picked a style that wasn’t too busy. I will link the details of the outfit below if anyone would like to check them out. See you later. xo





Some of the items are sold out so I put a link to a similar item and different colour in the links.




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